Snakes and Ladders

Java Applet, by James Raftery

How to Play:
Once the applet has loaded, click the mouse inside the Java console. This ensures your browser passes keystrokes to the applet, instead of trying to interpret them itself.
Hit "r" to roll the dice when it's your turn. This is indicated by an arrow beside your details in the top right corner and a message in the browser status bar.
The board looks a bit iffy: I'm no graphic designer!

Source code:
(c) James Raftery 1997-2000 2002.

I still get a steady stream of email about this game, and I'm happy to help with genuine queries. Please don't bother trying to get me to do your homework. I won't. Oh, and things you need to do to pass your assignment but are "missing" from this game are not "bugs".

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